Spring Symphony by RJR Fabrics Giveaway

January 3, 2016

Spring Fabric GiveAway

The holidays are now in the rear view mirror with visitors gone and decorations stored away. It’s time to settle in for some serious winter sewing.  So as our thoughts turn to Spring, Fabric Creations and The Quilted View have planned another Fabric GiveAway.

Spring Fabric GiveAway
Spring Symphony

Birds and butterflies abound in this Spring Symphony by Dan Morris.

A total of 40 10″ squares with multiples of some pieces, Spring Symphony is a collection by RJR Fabrics.  To enter this drawing, you must comment on this blog post “Spring Symphony by RJR Fabrics GiveAway” at www.TheQuiltedView.com.  The winner will be drawn from these comments on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 6 p.m. Central Time.

The birds, birdhouses, eggs, and butterflies in Spring Symphony would make a beautiful quilt using the popular “Yellow Brick Road” pattern by www.AtkinsonsDesigns.com.  The collection would also make great borders on towels.  Think of the cute bags it would make or how about adding it to a little girl’s Easter outfit.

The Spring Symphony collection has a retail value of $40.  If you love this collection and just can’t wait to start sewing with it, it is also available for a limited time on special sale at www.Fabric-Creations.com for $24.00.

I hope you will take time to subscribe to my blog The Quilted View.  When you subscribe you will automatically receive an email with each new post and GiveAway.   I have many ideas planned for future posts in the upcoming months.   There will be more pictures of the beautiful quilts at the many shows I attend and of course there will be more GiveAways!

So add your comment and I will notify you when you win!

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      1. Hey Racine, I have four brothers living there. Are you from Racine? Thanks, Mickey

        1. I forgot to put in the special name of the give-away. Spring Symphony by RJR Fabrics GiveAway

        1. No, I live in California but I have driven through Racine, WI ….they have a great Kringle pastry shop!

    1. So much fun, with the give-aways ! I need to know who “racine” is. I have 4 brothers who live there.


    1. Beautiful fabric and a wonderful gift you are sharing with a lucky quilter

    1. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts…I’m signed up! I love the name Spring Symphony as it reminds me of birds singing and when the local choir I’m in sings with the symphony each spring. Spring certainly is worth singing about!

    1. I love the fabric in the “Spring Symphony by RJR Fabrics GiveAway” ! Signed up for your e-mails.

    1. Very cute. I love all the butterflies. These would look so cute as little pincushions.

    1. Love the birds, the eggs, the butterflies! I would just make tons of zippered bags for myself!

    1. Love Love LOOOOOVE this fabric!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for chance to win! 🙂
      (I also signed up to follow your blog too)

    1. Spring is sprung, winter’s flung; Birds and bees, nests in trees; flowers in bloom, butterflies zoom; fabrics dear and sewing time is here!!

    1. I love those fabrics! Makes me impatient for Spring and we haven’t even had hardly any winter yet!

    1. What beautiful colors and prints. I love birds and butterflies! So many project ideas swirling in my head now.

    1. I would love to win fabric from Spring Symphony by RJR Fabrics GiveAway

    1. Spring Symphony is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway and for your inspiring blog!

    1. I love the Spring Symphony group by RJR. What fun it would be to put them up on your design wall and let your energy flow!!