Memories Are Made At The OKC Winter Quilt Show 2016

January 12, 2016

Memories from the OKC WinternQult Show

Anyone attending the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show will tell you how friendly it is.  Grateful to get out of the house after the holidays, attendees are ready to visit with quilting friends and see wonderful quilts and vendors.  Classes are available and a wealth of information is shared in free stage presentations.

Vendors are relaxed and rested-excited to start the new year and see their customer and vendor friends again.  Big name vendors often make Oklahoma City their first stop on their way west to the big Road to California quilt show.  You will also find smaller local vendors that you won’t see at other shows.

So as Larry and I head home from the 2016 show with views of snow covered trees and fields, I’ve been looking at my photo memories to share with you.  One of the quilts that struck me was “Karen’s Quilt”.   This gorgeous black and white quilt was pieced by Janita Jester and quilted by Joyce Dempsey.

Memories from the OKC WinternQult Show
Karen’s Quilt

Karen’s Quilt was entered in the Innovative Category.  While it did not win a ribbon, I think it is the type of quilt that more quilters might make.  Black and white prints are so popular and they definitely pop.  I must admit that many black and white quilts I simply don’t get.  Meaning sometimes it is hard for me to see the design.  Don’t get me wrong, I love black and whites and one of my most popular selling patterns is The Illusion Jacket in black and white.   Karen’s Quilt definitely let’s you see the design and feels more traditional to me.


So on to the winners!  The Best of Show quilt was a traditional whole cloth quilt by Jan Hutchison.

Memories okc Quilt show
“Remembrance” Best of Show by Jan Hutchison


Quilted freehand on a longarm quilting machine her quilting is incredible as you can see from the photo below.

Memories OKC quilt show


First Place in the Traditional Category was Audra Rasnake’s quilt “Hadassah”.  The quilt is an original design inspired by a Bible study about Queen Esther whose Jewish name was Hadassah.  The first time I saw “Hadassah” was at Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin last fall.  It was wearing a first place ribbon at that show too.

Memories okc quilt show
Hadassah by Audra Rasnake

I have to mention the Second Place winner in the Traditional Category.  My friend Dolores Keaton won the Second Place ribbon with her silk quilt “Silk Squared”.  Dolores is an incredible quilter and was the Best of Show winner in 2014.

Memories OKC quilt show
Silk Squared by Dolores Keaton

Memories OKC quilt show

Memories okc quilt show
“Woven Wind Flowers” Best of Show 2014 by Dolores Keaton

First place in the Art Category is “I Dream of Wild Horses” made and quilted by Kristin Vierra.

Memories OKC quilt show
“I Dream of Wild Horses” made and quilted by Kristin Vierra

Kristin’s quilting is incredible as seen by these detail photos.   Her quilting designs are ones to add to a Scrapbook of quilting designs.

Memories of okc quilt show  Memories okc quilt show


First place in the Innovative Category is “Sakura II: Picnic at Naruko” by Megan Farkas.  All work is by hand.

Memories okc quilt show
“Sakura II: Picnic at Naruko” by Megan Farkas

While the following display is not of winners, it is a wonderful display of how one design can look so different using different colors.  Pictured below is a display of Mystery Quilts.

Memories okc quilt show

Memories OKC quilt show

The next show that we will attend is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival at Hampton, Virginia in February. I am looking forward to seeing more incredible quilts there and sharing that show with you too!



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    1. I wonder how many hours went into Farkas hand made quilt, it’s amazing.

    1. Oh, Thanks you. I so enjoy seeing all these winning quilts. Each and every one is beautiful.

    1. Phyllis, I love seeing the quilts. Thank you for taking the time to take the photos and give information about the quilts. You are so right about this being a good show with vendors who are not stressed out. A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit the show, and I really enjoyed the space and the free talks. I highly recommend it.