Is There Ever Enough Light?

November 12, 2015

If you are like me…(and most quilters), you have the light on your machine,  a flourescent light beside you and you may have splurged and bought an Ott light from JoAnn’s.  Perhaps you have looked at some of the more expensive lighting at shows or online and thought,

I don’t need to spend my money on lighting, I can use it to buy more fabric.

Well let’s take a look together at some other lighting options that just might change your mind.

First let’s look at LED lights that attach to the throat or arm of your machine.

LED lights by Artistic
LED lights by Artistic

The Artistic light has six superbright led lights that will adhere to the arm or throat of your machine with 3M adhesive tape.  The cord can be plugged into the USB hub of computerized machines or into an electric outlet.  This cord is short at only three feet long but the light is a good value with an MSRP of $49.99

LED Lights by ECOLUX
LED Lights by ECOLUX

The Ecolux light complete set (which includes the plug, cord, and on/off switch) can be purchased with three and up to 15 led lights.  A unique feature of this light is that you can start with a complete set of three lights and add to it by purchasing additional led lights without the cord and plug.  A complete set of three lights has an MSRP of $70.

Benable Bright Light
Bendable Bright Light

With an MSRP of $49.99, I can’t say enough about the Bendable Bright Light!  It is designed to attach to your machine on a bracket with 3M tape and point directly on your needle.  ON YOUR NEEDLE!  In other words, this light shines right where you need to look.

With it you can sew black on black!  I really believe this light makes it so much easier to see that it will extend your sewing /quilting life longer than any other notion.

For another $10 you can purchase a second bracket set to place on a second machine.  The light simply pulls out of the bracket along with it’s cord and can be moved to a second machine.

Stella Sky 10 Watt Floor Lamp
Stella Sky 10 Watt Floor Lamp

Let’s meet Stella the cadillac of lights.  The Stella lamps offer 3 spectrums of light: warm, natural, and cool with 5 levels of dimming.  The floor lamp extends from 4′ to 6′ high and has a flexible arm that turns in every direction.  Stella offers the floor lamp in both black and white.  If you prefer you can also purchase the lamps with a table base or clamp.

So after wearing out two Ott lights and having difficulty finding a replacement bulb for my Ott light, I splurged and purchased the Stella floor model.  I LOVE it!!!

I have the Stella standing next to my sewing machine but with a simple twist of the flexible arm, it  can light my Big Board ironing board and my design wall.

Manufactures Suggested Retail Price

  • Artistic Led Light $49.99
  • EcoLux Led Light starting at $70
  • Bendable Bright Light $49.99
  • Stella Floor Lamp $389

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    1. I have 2 ecolux lights and love them. You can sew in the dark with these lights on.

    1. Great website, your land is beautiful, the quilts are gorgeous, love the lamp in the tools section.

    1. I just purchased the StellaSky2 floor lamp and it does not disappoint once set up. I like it a lot!
      I had a problem getting the connection from the lamp pole to the connection in the base started but the company responded immediately with walking me through it on the phone and even offered to replace it with free shipping if I was not happy with it. I am happy; I am keeping it….wonderful for reading, knitting, sewing, etc.