Here at The Quilted View we will look at life as a quilter, review the latest tools, discuss patterns and develop friendships.

I’m Phyllis the owner and designer of Fabric Creations.  You may have visited my booth at any number of quilt and sewing shows across the country or seen my presentation Tool Time!  It’s a hands on presentation of the latest and greatest notions for quilting and sewing.

Snowed In and more by Fabric Creations
Snowed In and more by Fabric Creations

Or perhaps you remember my sweet husband Larry who works with me and runs the main cash register at the shows.

 Larry and Phyllis
Larry and Phyllis Vandergriff

My patterns and many of these notions can be seen on my website   We started this site to be able to do more in depth reviews and offer this service to those who are unable to attend our shows.   We look forward to seeing you again either here or on the road.